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The Woman Who Gave Me Everything

One of the hardest days of my life was saying the physical goodbye to my incredible mom! It’s amazing how strong we must get when we have to and I knew I would have to be strong to write and read this at my mom’s funeral as I knew no one else could do her life justice in what she did as they didn’t know here like I did.

There was no other like my mom, Faye!

This was a little unorthodox that I, her daughter, said the eulogy but so was my mom, so I believe this was a great fit as she gave me everything in life. For myself, the loss of her seemed and continues to seem greater every day because I simply just miss her. I miss her voice; I miss calling her for every little simple question and just being able to talk with her. Within the first month of her passing, both my youngest daughter and I tried calling her home number and cell number because it seemed quiet, too quiet, without her presence.

Mom and I had an incredible relationship not just as, mother and daughter, but we were soul mat…
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Christmas Is Coming

Christmas is coming, and it’s hard to know, what to get a horse person that’ll make them say “Whoa! This is my passion - my dream come true! A career helping people - and horses too!” Where does this come from? Is there such a combination? It exists and its real, at the Equine Connection! Five days of learning and a family on top, plus the whole business part - which makes it tiptop! No reinventing the wheel, we’ve set you for success, We have built your foundation and give in excess! So, on Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer and Vixen on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen! Get them a course where they need no translator, a complete package career as a facilitator! A course that’s for them, as much as for all, Today is the day, so hurry and call!

From Across the Seas

In September we had received an email from South Korea asking us if we would be interested in being a reference for their government initiated study for program development through horse and healing programs. How exciting is this?! A group coming all the way from the other side of the world conducting a research piece on this powerful EAL program! So of course, without any doubt in our mind, we said yes! The team that came down were composed of university professors, doctors and horse specialists.

They came, researched, asked questions, ran through a couple programs, and studied our unique educational approach! However, this blog isn’t necessarily about their research. It’s about how AMAZING having a language barrier was. They had spoke some English - but not all of them. And yet, we all understood each other through the power of body language. The night before they came out to our facility, they had asked us if we would like to go to dinner, so yet again, OF COURSE! We had met up at …

The Spirit of an Amazing Horse… Faye.

Calgary AB October 3, 2011- Owner and Senior Facilitator of Spiritual Equine Connection, Kari Fulmek nearly gave up on her dream of running an Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) program after a year of trials and tribulations. This is a story of an amazing horse that has beaten so many odds to come be a part of our EAL program. EAL learning is “Where the Horses do the Teaching”. All our programs our done on the ground, “out of the saddle programs”. We work with horses and at risk youth to help build self esteem, self confidence and many life skills. We use horses because; By their intuitive nature and innate sensitivity, horses can provide facilitators with a window into the participants’ personality. They mirror back what the participants are feeling and participants need to adjust their feelings and behaviours to work successfully with the horses.

Fulmek had always dreamt of being able to work with horses to help others, and her dream began to come true when she was certified as an EAL …

Our Journey Around the World: Part 17 - Wellington, Florida

It has been a cold winter in Alberta, so the opportunity to head off to Florida was perfect timing!

However, our booking for this could have been thought out a bit better. The course was Starting on May 1st, but when we booked the course, we didn’t realize that Karsyn's wedding reception (Kari’s oldest daughter and Carolyn was the emcee for the event) would be the Saturday before. Generally for travelling schools we tend to get there the day before so we can check out the set up and location and to make sure we know where we are going (if you have read the rest of our travelling blogs you will understand why we need to do that). Well this wasn’t going to be the case for going to Wellington Florida. Luckily, our beautiful host Sasha was willing to work with us and send us pictures of how the set up was so we felt a little better about getting there so late. So we got up and headed straight to the airport after a beautiful reception and about 4 hours of sleep. Off to Florida we wen…

Faye's Story: As Told By Katie

Faye came to live with me in May if 2008, she was just a year old at the time and I bought her from Bear Valley Rescue in Sundre, Alberta.

She was quiet and Friendly from the start, loved being around people, getting pet and brushed. Faye grew and grew and grew, she spent most of her time eating grass and playing with her friend Gemma.

My plan was to have Faye Started when she turned three, but unfortunately was a part of a terrible accident. On Monday September 28th, 2009 a terrible wind picked up and blew our horse shelter over. Faye was standing behind it and was struck by the metal roof. It cut her back open and made a huge wound. It was a big decision to save her and help her to recover in the best possible way. We didn't know if she would be rid able in the future, but deep down I knew that with her strong heart, and super spirit she would be a fighter and come back. It was going to take a lot of time. I moved her to a heated indoor stall at a barn close by and there her heal…

Our Journey Around the World: Part 16 - Sydney, Australia

Sydney: A Dreaded Place to a Dream Place Off to Sydney we go! We were initially nervous to see how this time would go as last time we were not big fans. We stayed in downtown Sydney and did not enjoy it at all because lets be real… We are not city people! But we knew we had to go get people certified in Sydney, so for the sake of our business we did it.

We finally arrived in Sydney, far later than expected, but everything still worked out. Our lovely Australia Instructor, Jane Hemingway-Mohr, whose house we would be doing the program at, was there to pick us up and she greeted us with such a beautiful smile! Since we arrived so late we were unable to see the place where the program would take place the night before so we had no idea what to expect the next morning. Staying positive, we eagerly waited for morning as we were curious where this program would take place.

Morning finally came and Jane came to pick us up bright and early to take us back to her place before the c…